Bethlehem Lights Noble Spruce 30 Stake Tree

Bethlehem Lights Noble Spruce 30 Stake Tree

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Bethlehem Lights Noble Spruce 30 Stake Tree Reviews & Suggestion

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Feature Specification and Benefits

  • Includes tree, stake, and stake stand
  • Prelit with 40 LED lights
  • Natural-looking, mixed-tip greens
  • Off, twinkle, glisten, photo sensor, energy saver modes
  • Six-hour on/18-hour off, four-hour on/20-hour off, amd eight-hour on/16-hour off timer modes
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Requires 3 D batteries, not included
  • Measures approximately 30"H
  • Imported

Bethlehem Lights Noble Spruce 30 Stake Tree Sizing

Size Neck Chest Arm


11.5-12 32.5-35.5 29.5


11.9-12.2 29.9-30.9 28.9


12.5-12.8 30.5-31.5 29.5


12.4-12.8 29.4-30.4 28.4

M Tall

12.3-12.7 31.3-32.3 30.3


11.2-11.5 28.2-31.2 25.2

L Tall

11.8-12.1 30.8-32.8 28.8


12.6-13.1 30.6-33.6 27.6

XL Tall

13.1-13.5 34.1-35.1 33.1


12.3-12.6 30.3-31.3 29.3


11.5-11.9 29.5-32.5 26.5

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